Summertime, and the livin’ is easy

By Jenny Campbell|July 9, 2018|Being Resilient|

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Great song, great idea!

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy

Go easy on yourself this summertime, allow yourself to go into ‘soft focus‘ instead of being full-on performance. The work of resilience is to replenish and re-energise. Energy, not the same as resilience, is directly related; the two follow the same rides up and down. Here’s our top three tips for replenishing and re-energising this summer:

  1. Connect with joy

Family & friends

Let your hair down

Laugh until tummy hurts and you don’t remember why you were laughing!

Boogie the night away

Get hugs

Be naughty.


  1. Rest

Sleep and space.

(Yeh man.)

  1. Indulge yourself


A good book (see our Community of Practice recommended reading list and choose according to your mood!).

Pick up a favourite old hobby that you haven’t given the time to – get the guitar out, find a way to go horse riding, lay cricket.

(Whee! )

That’s it. Be hot, be cool, be yourself…

(We’ll be back with our usual monthly publications from September.)

From The Resilience Engine Team & the Resilience Engine Community of Practice

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