Sleep, Think, Eat and Move… Well!

By Jenny Campbell|October 5, 2018|Being Resilient|

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anne archer, being resilient, eat well, sleep well, think, move, sleep think eat and move well, resilienteImagine you are in a state of equilibrium. Your mind and body are working beautifully together AND you have the resources you need to meet any challenges you face.

You have
• good social conditions
• relationships that nourish you and that matter in your life,
• enough financial security to feel safe and free to make choices,
• adequate health care to draw on when required,
• a sense of purpose to your life
• basic human rights

Global research on what makes for a satisfying and good life, include these factors. They constitute the foundations of wellbeing. Good physical, mental, spiritual, economic, environmental and social conditions enable a state of equilibrium. It is our ability to flourish and to thrive.

We cannot always change our social conditions, finances, health care or human rights. That can be impacted by where and how we live. We can however do so much to improve how well our mind and body is working together. Here’s a simple and highly effective framework to get you started. Sleep, Think, Eat and Move… well.


Sleep. We wake up and can immediately judge whether we feel ready to get up, off and out or whether we want to go back under the duvet. It the former then there is a very good chance the quality and quantity of your sleep was good enough. If not, improve your sleep.





Think. It’s a new day (or night if on shifts) and we can spend a little time planning our day. What are the essential tasks for today? What are those few actions that support my bigger goal or aspiration? What is my capacity for today? Where is there slack? Who do I want to have a positive impact on? Who might need a hug? When will I plug in my rhythmical and smooth breathing breathing to still my mind and bring ease in my body?Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty person? The former will probably allow you to find more resources, to feel better and keep your emotional energy. Pay attention to these is a good place to start. If you let the day take you over then you won’t be thinking well.





Eat. Our brains and our bodies have a need for nutrients. How well do you balance your bodies needs nutritionally with your minds needs emotionally? Many of us eat for emotional support. Focus on the fuel that will sustain you yet not provide too much supply which then get stored.





Move. Do you move regularly during the day? How well do you support your body to stretch? To use muscles? What cardio work do you do? Move little and you will find joints cease, energy is lowered, and mental sharpness can be affected.






Spend the next few weeks building a plan around sleeping, thinking, eating and moving well and see how your mind and body come into balance.

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