Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK

Sharon Milroy, Director, The Synergy Alliance

Senior executive coach and facilitator, operating in UK and internationally.

“As a coach, I inquire into the auto-pilot that each of us has operating to maximise our brain power and capacity each day. With the auto-pilot we may be ‘asleep’ or mildly aware that some of our automatic responses to certain situations is not working well for us any more.

When Jenny Campbell introduced me to her research and findings that led to the Resilience Engine and the Resilience Dynamic, I decided to become accredited as a practitioner as I could see the value it could give clients. Clients find the inquiry in to their resilience both illuminating and freeing as they navigate their work and life, making conscious choices and being awake to the impact they want to have.”

Focus areas: Team and leadership coaching & NLP based training.

Background: John Lewis Partnership including Waitrose Ltd. 12 years as an independent/associate working within many sectors.