Resilience is like a River

By Jenny Campbell|September 21, 2015|Uncategorized|

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glenorchy river for postcard

Consider the following situation. When the river is high, the water whooshes over the rocks, not taken off course, and where the rocks are respected but not dominant.

When the water is low, it’s the opposite. Rocks are felt much more, out of perspective, and the river can be pushed off course. There is tremendous effort in getting a good flow, of moving towards where the river needs to go.

Knowing where your own resilience at any one moment, helps define the capacity you have for what you have to do. It defines your performance. It defines your ability to drive towards a set of goals, or whether you can be taken off course. It defines the pace you can enact on. It defines whether you feel good or not good.

How is your Resilience river?


Resilience underpins all sustainable success in life.


Jenny Campbell,
Senior Executive Coach and Resilience Researcher


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