Foreword by George Kohlrieser

Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour at IMD Business School

“Resilience has been defined many times over by difference schools of research, but at its heart, it is the capacity of a system, enterprise or person to maintain its core purpose and integrity in the face of change… An increasing body of empirical evidence, including that of The Resilience Engine, now suggests that personal resilience is more widespread, learnable and teachable that previously thought. The Resilience Dynamic® dissolves the complexity of the subject, making it transparent, accessible and provides an approach that leaders and managers can easily apply. Jenny presents a truth we all need to hear.”

What does resilience really mean?

As a leader, do you feel you face a straight choice between high performance versus wellbeing? Strategic resilience allows you to achieve both, without compromise.

At The Resilience Engine, we believe that everyone deserves to perform well without compromising their wellbeing. We know our approach works because it’s backed up by ten years of research and experience with thousands of clients in over 75 organisations.

The Resilience Dynamic® illustrates, with practicals tools, how to develop resilience as a buffer to stress and how it can transform how you lead change and increase performance in a complex and uncertain world.

Step by Step

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Jenny Campbell is the expert thought leader on resilience and wellbeing, whose knowledge and application is based on significant academic research and a strong foundation of understanding what is myth and truth about the subject. The Resilience Dynamic peels back the layers of traditional behaviours in organisations that hold people back from realising their potential and as a result produces mediocre results and relationships. Learn how being resilient can lead to improved self-confidence and increased capacity for change. The gold continues to show through in the many practical, tried and tested exercises and case studies to support personal and, therefore, organisational resilience.

From personal experience of the Resilience Engine, and now the book that both supports and extends the learning, I encourage everyone to put this at the top of their reading list.

Gina Lodge CEO of The Academy of Executive Coaching

This book is perfect if you are serious about the need for resilience. For anyone prepared to embrace change and to learn how to balance wellbeing and performance, the contents of the book will show you the way. Based on research with case studies and examples, the reader is taken on a journey where the tools and techniques of resilience are made accessible. The stereotypes and myths are challenged and alternative strategies set out – an insightful challenge to all leaders in today’s business arena.

Bob Cowie Chair of Enable

Practical, persuasive, accessible and energising The Resilience Dynamic blasts away the accepted myths and helplessness surrounding the concept of resilience and provides realistic tools to help the reader start their journey towards higher performance and more importantly greater wellbeing.

Carve out some protected time, some ‘slow-down space’, and allow yourself to think deeply about how your ability to function and succeed depends on your level of resilience at any point in time, and learn how to re-fuel your resilience tank so that you can feel stronger, safer and more able to embrace and even enjoy the changes and challenges in your life!

Jill Vickerman Chief Executive of BMA Scotland

This is a highly engaging book which successfully teaches the ‘art of resilience’ in a pragmatic and effective way. Having had the privilege of being coached by Jenny Campbell personally using these techniques, I can unequivocally recommend the tools and the book as a unique and successful approach to achieve greater personal resilience and success.

Jann Gardner Chief Executive of Golden Jubilee Foundation Board, Golden Jubilee National Hospital

A very well built journey into the Resilience world. It clarifies with simple examples how resilience clearly drives high performance leadership. The book drove you in deepening your understanding of how resilience can create surplus capacity well beyond coping and bouncing back, towards improving productivity. Jenny teaches you how to measure and interpret resilience as well as develop a practice to find additional deep sources to increase it. A simple to read, rigorous scientific exercise on behavioural modeling based on real business life examples. Powerful.

Matteo Germano Global Head of Multi-Asset and Member of Executive Committee, Amundi

This is an important practice and reference book that illustrates “the resilience way” and demonstrates the real personal benefits accessible to leaders and managers at all stages in their careers. Jenny Campbell analyses the impacts of stress and explains how the negatives can be converted to positives by developing the practices she recommends. Her direct, no nonsense style ensures that ten years’ fieldwork and case studies are converted into a comprehensible, no jargon guide which allows the reader to aspire to and practise being “resourceful, adaptable and energised” on the pathway to “innovation and excellence in leading change”.

Nick Kuenssberg OBE FRSE DUniv, Chairman of Social Investments Scotland, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Frog Systems Ltd, K2L Ltd

Jenny Campbell has written a book that could’ve made a big difference to me in my startup in the 2000s, if not at the outcome of the project, definitely in changing the personal experience and how I was able to carry on after it had failed. The Resilience Dynamic allows you to break away from societal preconceptions about resilience and concentrate on actually being resilient. It is a practical guide that I will now recommend to my business school students as they prepare to re-enter their careers with high demands and expectations.

Luis Vivanco Adjunct Professor of Operations, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain

This is the century of opportunities and massive shifts, putting us in front of endless options whilst facing multiple and conflicting demands. At this juncture, stepping up our resilience and becoming more adaptive are absolute imperatives. Jenny Campbell in The Resilience Dynamic provides an articulated and balanced approach to resilience, shedding light on the “myths” and the “realities”. Her methodology allows the reader to appreciate resilience in a wider perspective, develop resilience with a systematic approach, cross that “resilience gateway” and then learn to apply resilience practices in a dynamic and flexible way. Yes, because in a VUCA world it is essential that we adapt and embrace change – and that is when resilience plays a pivotal role and allows us to adapt and maximise performance in a sustainable way.

Liana Logiurato Ernst Young, Partner, Head of Chemicals Transaction Advisory EMEIA

Jenny skilfully points us to the connection between resilience and cultivating a mind that is present, curious and kind. It’s neurophysiological. At its best resilience training of this kind increases our ability to access flow and sustainable peak performance and cultivates our capacity for adaptation, growth and flourishing in a world that is constantly changing.

Mark McMordie Author of Mindfulness for Coaches and CEO of The Conscious Leader

This book explains why resilience is important for us all, whatever we are doing. I found it an easy read: interesting and useful. It made me think about my own and others’ resilience, how it changed with time and in different situations. Understanding our level of resilience enables an assessment of the chances of successfully delivering change. The Resilience Dynamic helps us to understand both how to develop reliance and to recognise the barriers to it – invaluable when preparing for change, whether that be a major business change or a personal one.

Janet Unsworth Chair of Four Square, NED of Student Awards Agency Scotland

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