Research Method


The Resilience Engine has been researching resilience since 2007. As real-world practitioners in the field of executive coaching and leadership development, the prime research method we adopt is one that enables a co-enquiry with our research clients: Action Enquiry. Both researcher and client lean into a discovery of what resilience means and how to build it, within the client’s context.

Research Data Sources

Within Action Enquiry, we collect data via interview, client resilience stories, and from academic and non-academic literature analysis. The major idea of Action Enquiry and particularly the sub-method we adopt called Cooperative Inquiry, is to “research ‘with’ rather than ‘on’ people.” It emphasises that all active participants are fully involved in research decisions as co-researchers.

We co-analyse the data using grounded theory methods. This ground-up, emergent process iteratively searches for the most common themes and patterns within all of the data.  Once the data is coded against these themes, the iterative process continues to oust any further, secondary connections. The method allows for multiple sources of data in different formats, and ensures a fresh perspective, independent of any pre-determined hypothesis or bias.

Evidence Milestones

Our key milestones are shown in the diagram below. If you’d like to know more about our research or want to participate in our team resilience research programme, please get in touch.