Research Overview

The Resilience Engine has been researching resilience since 2007. Initially the research aimed to answer two core questions: ’What is resilience?’ and ‘How can you build resilience?’. Results were published in 2009, validated by the end of 2011, and with further updated publications issued in 2016.

Since 2014 the research has shifted the enquiry into team and organisational resilience, holding the same core research questions, now on collective resilience. This second stage of our research continues today. Whilst it is complex and messy, the insights gained thus far on collective resilience are helping our client organisations underpin sustainable performance.

Using Action Enquiry as our overarching research method, we continue to explore how to build resilience in different contexts, and for different collective entities.

Core Research Models

Resilience Dynamic®

Our most applied model describes what resilience is, and the implications of different levels of resilience.

Resilience House®

Our newest model which explains the different pathways of resilience development.

Resilience Engine®

Our longest standing model describes how to build resilience.

Research Insights

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Take Part In The Research

We work using a co-enquiry method with teams, so both the team and researcher discover the team’s resilience together.  An underlying principle of resilience is taking responsibility for your own resilience; this research method models that and therefore starts to extend the team’s resilience from the outset. If you would like to participate in our team resilience research, please get in contact.