Resilience Engine & Quality Scotland Collaboration – May 2018

The Resilience Engine and Quality Scotland are delighted to announce a collaboration on behalf of our clients.

The adoption of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence model, leads to a high quality, high performing organisation. This model is the most widely used Business Excellence Framework in Europe and has been in place since 1991. To enable this adoption, those within the organisation need to have the capacity and appetite to bring about change. Resilience is the capacity for change, and therefore a key enabler of this journey. The Resilience Engine and Quality Scotland have aligned our approaches so that our clients are enabled to move to Excellence in an accelerated, grounded and sustainable way. If you are an organisation or a client wishing to learn more about this collaboration, please contact Ann Pike at Quality Scotland, or Alison Kane at the Resilience Engine.

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“Working to improve performance in organisations for more than 20 years has shown me that resilient leaders and people are the foundation for excellence in any organisation.  Collaboration with Quality Scotland is a great opportunity to offer the power and synergy of both approaches.” Alison Kane, Director of Services, Resilience Engine, Chartered Quality Professional (CQP, MCQI)

The Resilience Engine is a leader in human resilience. Founded on over ten years of research, The Resilience Engine team believe in making the benefits of resilience accessible to everyone. The Resilience Engine helps organisations identify the best solutions for enabling and stretching resilience. Our ten years of research will help you stand out. To learn more about how the Resilience Engine can help you, get in contact directly via  or look at our website:

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“Having worked in the arena of improvement for over 12 years the importance of resilience has never been as evident as it is now.  We are delighted to collaborate with the Resilience Engine and provide further support to all those across Scotland doing a fantastic job to embed continuous improvement in an ever changing landscape.” Claire Ford, Chief Executive Officer, Quality Scotland

Quality Scotland are the National Partner Organisation (NPO) of the EFQM in Scotland. Working with over 250 organisations from all sectors across Scotland each year, Quality Scotland support organisations with their continuous improvement journey and have a clear vision to “Make Excellence a National Characteristic of Scotland.”.  As a member of the EFQM Partner Council, Quality Scotland shares best practice and collaborates with the other 10 main European partners and plays a pivotal role in the global network of EFQM, encompassing over 45 partners worldwide giving our members access to not only best practice and learning across Scotland and the rest of the UK but right across the globe.

Quality Scotland is a charitable, membership based organisation working across the private, public and third sectors in Scotland. As the home of EFQM in Scotland and so much more, Quality Scotland works with its members and their individual needs and challenges to ensure organisations all across Scotland have improvement at the forefront of their agenda.

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