Resilience is a buffer to stress.

Those with the highest resilience do not suffer from the negative stress reaction that can wreak havoc with your wellness and your ability to function.

High resilience people remain resourceful, adaptable and energised, no matter what is going on.

Investment in resilience can be very practical for organisations. Take your first step and contact us.

The statistics above, from the Skills and Development Survey 2017, just one of many reports on stress, show a worrying rise in the level of strain and exhaustion of the workforce in the UK.

What if your people could operate with minimal stress but still keep high performance? Think resilience.

What Participants Say...

I think I have a much better work/life balance. I devote more time to self care and recognise it’s importance to my wellbeing and ability to do my job well.

Participant Angus Council

It helped me recognise when my resilience has been affected by understanding my reactions to increased stress.

Participant NHS

I’ve found it useful and I think my performance at work and ability to cope with stresses at work and home have improved as a result of me taking part in this course.

Participant Angus Council