Higher resilience means being able to be fully resourceful, no matter what is going on.

1. You have time to think

2. You are connected to the ’why’ and therefore prioritise clearly

3. You have perspective, and therefore  proactively draw on resources

4. You can focus, being present in the work

5. You have surplus capacity, and therefore can free wheel

Imagine being able to perform well and still feel at ease. That’s resilience.

It is an extraordinary thing to witness time and time again, that the simple investments that can be made by someone into their resilience, results in an unlocking of their performance. Years on, I still learn from clients how much they go back to their resilience techniques when they need to be on top form.

Those stuck in coping however is a whole different territory. Helping chronic copers see there is the possibility of another way -by decreasing the effort they seem to exhaust themselves with, and instead being more at ease – well, that’s the stuff that changes whole lives. It’s such a privilege.

– Jenny Campbell, CEO