Team Resilience Case Study

Pioneer Investments, owned by Unicredit, has been the first client to jump into the Team Resilience Research programme. As a mid size investment player, they have experienced the knocks of the recent market turmoil, with external pressures around their market position, and an internal review about its viability under the Unicredit ownership. Two years on and having ably survived substantial cost-cutting and refocus, the Multi Asset team were feeling the need to reflect and learn from their experience, to become reenergised, and to ensure that they wouldn’t suffer the same level of fatigue with any future setback.

The Team Resilience Research programme’s enquiry process has been adopted. This involved the team contracting around the work, 2 individual sessions for each individual to reflect on their own resilience plus that of the team’s, 14 stakeholders’ input, and two full team sense making sessions.

Pioneer is experiencing already the following impact:

  • Commitment from each member to improve and sustain their own resilience

  • Commitment from team to support the boss in new ways of working that involve a higher degree of autonomy

  • An increased collective leadership and strategic capability through debate – leading to higher leverage of all the team’s assets, and a first step towards a collective learning capability

  • The creation of a ‘ team glue’ around expertise in managing assets

  • Commitment to stakeholders to simplify

  • Awareness of the need for groundedness in the marketplace for the sake of the organisation’s resilience

All this at first stage!

I had been looking for a distinctive and relevant development intervention for my senior team, who had undertaken several senior level development courses previously. When I explored the concept of the ‘Resilience Engine’ and the various leverage factors, I immediately knew that this had the capacity to take both myself and my team to a different level of performance. The various interventions with the team were insightful, practical and are continuing to build capacity within the team to deal with ongoing challenges as our business moves forward. It has also given the team both a language and a series of concepts with which to share our experiences and build further understanding of our priorities and how resilience within our team increases performance and enhances cohesiveness.

Matteo Germano, Team Boss Pioneer Investments

This project has come at exactly the right time for the Multi Asset Team. It has allowed them the opportunity to put in place practical mechanisms to build their resilience capacity, but also to reflect on their shared learning and strengthen their personal ability to cope with ongoing strategic changes in an insightful and resourceful way. I would hope that the changes in this team’s development will not only increase their team and personal resilience but al so provide a springboard to implement the processes in the rest of the business, thereby increasing business performance and strengthen engagement levels

Orla Scott, HR Sponsor & co-researcher in the programme Pioneer Investments