Stories of Resilience

Case Studies

Read our Case Studies to understand how The Resilience Engine has delivered significant business benefit by improving the resilience level of our private, and public clients.

Resilience Engine Case Study, Pioneer Investments

Pioneer Investments, owned by Unicredit, has been the first client to jump into the Team Resilience Research programme. As a mid size investment player, they have experienced the knocks of the recent market turmoil, with external pressures around their market position, and an internal review about its viability under the Unicredit ownership.

Rhoda is Director of AHP, Nursing & Midwifery in NHS Orkney. The organization had been in flux for a number of years, with several different Chief Executives and indeed senior leaders, including a period where Rhoda was acting CEO. There had been so many changes to Rhoda’s role during this period of turbulence, and at the time of coaching, Rhoda had just settled back into her role of Nursing Director.