Finding how to support and extend your resilience or that of your people can be bewildering, there’s so much out there. How do you decide what is most relevant and the best approach?

The Resilience Engine makes our ten years of research accessible for everyone. That means participants get the right support for wherever they are at, and sponsors can lean on the extensive experience we have in the field.
Go beyond the blabla and get some real and practical truths from The Resilience Engine.

Top 10 principles enabling resilience, enabling resilience, resilience

The Resilience Engine Approach

Change sticks when it is real and matters.

For that reason we don’t patronise. We don’t assume what your start point is or what you need right now. Instead, we put it in your hands so you make good choices; indeed we rely on you wanting to take responsibility for your own resilience. We start from where you do.

We help you discover your own resilience, what is most meaningful for you, and in ways that suit you. You might need stuff in 10 minute chunks, or like a good stint of reflection once a month. You might like talking things out with colleagues, or mixing it up with some private time. We offer our research insights in different ways to suit you. We make it straightforward for participants and for sponsors, with appropriate support, information and know-how. That all means you can count on impact. And since that means a higher wellbeing and higher performance, everyone wins.

How We Support You

All our work is underpinned by the driver to make resilience & wellbeing accessible for everyone. We don’t hold onto our research but put it into your hands. As experts in the field of resilience, we can help you with:

Enabling everyone to own their
own resilience and wellbeing

Setting any investment up
to obtain the highest engagement

Making the right choices
straight off to achieve your outcomes

Giving you the data so you can help
nudge and support as appropriate

Build internal sponsorship capability
so you are confident

Having a no wiggle room way
of evaluating impact

Our Delivery Capability

Community of Practice

60+ professional, accredited practitioners. UK and mainland Europe.


For large and small organisations alike. Reach everyone in your workforce.

Sponsorship Support

Match wisely according to
different starting points.