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Build Resilience Habits helps busy managers build their own and their team’s resilience across time.  The content covers all the main themes needed for your resilience: What is Resilience, Barriers and Enablers of Resilience, Wellbeing & Stress, Performance, Self Care, Pacing, Perspective, and Deeper Beliefs.

The Toolkits are supported via a series of webinars or high energy face to face workshops, plus online discussions. Spread across three online Resilient Manager Toolkits, each with 200 tools, participants can follow a week by week guide, or dip in and out to find exactly what they need. Each week’s guide follows a straightforward structure for each main resilience theme.

The Build Resilience Habits can be entirely tailored to your participant needs against our initial Resilience Evaluation service. Just ask us.

Sneak Peek: The 'Resilient Manager Toolkit'

Our standard three toolkits are:
INFORM – the overview to the key resilience themes

INVOLVE – focussing in on self-care, pacing and perspective, the fuel of your Resilience Engine

IMMERSE – diving into the deeper areas of resilience

Ask us for a bespoke version based on your people’s needs.


Resilience is a practice.

It extends because you make it a habit. Our step by step guides help participants over time to do just that.

Private and Social

60% of what triggers stress is work related. But that leaves 40% outside.

People need to get their own private space to reflect on their own resilience and the factors that drive it up and down. And they need to connect with others in the workplace, and discuss how to bring their insights in.

No Waggy Finger

No patronisation here.

Build Resilience Habits does not offer the one silver bullet, but instead is a guide across time which accounts for different resilience levels and all contexts. Participants can find what they need at the point they need it.

What Participants Say...

I have done many leadership programmes but this has had the greatest impact by far.

Participant Public sector organisation

The toolkit has increased my self-awareness and looking at situations from a different perspective.

Participant PLC

I think my performance at work and ability to cope with stresses at work and home have improved as a result of me taking part.

Participant Angus Council

The toolkit has certainly widened my knowledge and understanding about resilience and my own self-awareness especially in relation to purpose and goals.

Participant Angus Council



Expert support and development for resilience & wellbeing.


An easy and fast resilience booster for all employees.


Understand and apply the Resilience Engine theories to your organisation.


Spark an audience into taking ownership of their resilience.


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