Are you a member of staff feeling the pressure and wanting to do something about it?

There are many organisational means to do this – like discussing your sense of overload with your boss, sorting out a clearer role, asking colleagues to help out. But there are means that are available to you that are within your control. They are in fact your responsibility. Your resilience is in your hands, and the Resilience Engine services help you figure out what you need to do.


Reduce negative stress

Feel calmer, reduce overblown reactions. Resilience is a buffer to stress.

Increase wellbeing

Sleep better, breathe better, eat better, be better. Wellbeing and resilience are synonymous.

Increase potential

Resilience development stops the lost energy of your “downs”, see the release of capacity!

Get the life you want

Connect it all up to what you find most meaningful. The real stuff of life.

Why Choose The Resilience Engine?

No bla bla

Real truths from the research.

Your own recommendations

Get a personalised service based on your views of yourself and your resilience.


Useful stuff in 15-minute chunks, then let sink in and give it a go whenever.

Available online for 1 year

Dip in and out after any programme, it’s still available.

How Does It Work?

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What Participants Say...

It has certainly widened my knowledge and understanding about resilience and my own self-awareness especially in relation to purpose and goals.

Participant PLC

I’ve learned to adjust my work/life balance following a long period of academic study in addition to work. Taking time out to practice mindfulness, meditation and deep relaxation have significantly helped me during the programme as personal events were unfolding in my life.

Participant Public sector organisation

Thought-provoking content, well delivered with space to reflect.

Participant PLC

Services Tailored For Your Needs


An easy and fast resilience
booster for all employees.


Spark an audience into taking
ownership of their resilience.


In-depth evaluation of your
resilience with a personalised report.


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