You are a professional coach, or an internal coach. When your clients are facing challenges, how can you help them perform and be well, both without compromise? When your clients need to extend beyond their current performance, how do you help them for real?

And for you, when you are just plain fatigued, and you know you haven’t given your best, how can you keep it all going? How can you be both well and perform well?


Wellbeing AND Performance

You can enable both, no compromises here!

Golden thread

Resilience provides a systemic framework for integrating everything else going on.

Tough stuff

Are your clients stuck or really overwhelmed? Resilience will help them (and you) get unstuck.

Feel at ease

Invest in your own resilience and help yourself feel at ease, so you can always be at your best.

Why Choose The Resilience Engine


We put our ten years of research into your hands.


We know what works (and what doesn’t). And we share this with you.

Community of Practice

Join our Community of Practice and connect in with others who continue to learn and grow in resilience.

High Quality

You can count on us. We are partnered with the best – AOEC and Quality Scotland.

How Does It Work?

What Participants Say...

I recommend the programme to coaches who wish to support their clients to have a more balanced and productive life.

Rudi Kindts Partner and Certified Integral Coach™

One of the more significant aspects of going through the process was that I became inspired to learn at a deeper level about human potential and what can at times disable the achievement of that. My coaching practice has changed quite significantly as I find myself attending to different factors in myself and my clients whether individuals or groups.

Anne Archer Executive coach, Accredited in 2014

As a career coach I find it invaluable to use with clients and have had some great results when I apply the principles with both clients and with myself. I have personally benefitted greatly and I feel my own resilience has been challenged and has improved dramatically as a result of attending the course. I have learnt a lot about myself which has helped me review and improve my own style of coaching and I feel I have taken my coaching to a deeper more effective level.

Alyson Ainsworth Executive coach

Services Tailored For Your Needs


Become an Accredited
Practitioner of resilience.


Spark an audience into taking
ownership of their resilience.


In-depth evaluation of your
resilience with a personalised report.


Spark an audience into taking
ownership of their resilience