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Are you a member of staff feeling the pressure and wanting to do something about it?

There are many organisational means to do this – like discussing your sense of overload with your boss, sorting out a clearer role, asking colleagues to help out. There are also several ways to help your own resilience that reside entirely within your control; your resilience is in your hands. The Resilience Engine services help you choose for yourself what actions you can take to boost your resilience today and tomorrow.

Resilience booster services include Resilience Made Simple, our blended service that includes our 2-3 hour online guide, plus our Masterclasses.


You are a manager and you have your own resilience demands. Maybe the workload is impossibly high. Maybe you are gap filling because your team is unable to match the demand. Maybe there is so much change you have lost your sense of assuredness in what the priority is. Maybe you are a high flyer, but the demands are beginning to make you feel unhealthy. What should you do? Resilience needed!

More than just doing a once-off exercise, managers need helping in creating resilience habits for themselves and their team across time. The best services are Resilience Group Coaching and Build Resilience Habits, our blended service that includes masterclasses, weekly bite-sized ideas and tools, plus virtual support across 5 months.


Being a successful leader within a changing, uncertain and complex world takes courage and conviction. Resilient leadership is about unlocking the organisation’s ability to stay firmly to the vision whilst adapting along the way.

It means balancing opposing mindsets, for example, driving efficiency whilst creating space for innovation. It means seeking feedback at all times. It means listening deeply to the opposing needs of stakeholders, and holding the belief that a way through is possible. It means being deeply compassionate with staff whilst holding them to account. It means handling pressure, absorbing anxiety, and motivating others, all at the same time. Resilient leadership is demanding!

The best resilience support for leaders is our Coaching services for individuals and teams, and the Being Resilient Masterclass series.

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