The Resilience Accreditation Programme equips professional and internal coaches plus organisational development consultants, with the skills and knowledge required to support organisations in the development of resilience.

On successful pass, you are licensed to use The Resilience Engine research models and associated tools with your clients, in one to one and group settings. You also join our growing Community of Practice.

The Resilience Engine Accreditation Programme

Two Solutions:

For individuals and small groups, consider the open programme through the AOEC’s and Resilience Engine’s joint Resilience Accreditation Programme.

If you want an internal coach bank to become accredited, we offer internal programmes. Please contact us directly.


Coach Benefits

Hone Your Practice

Resilience is systemic and whole person.  Experienced coaches find it makes them more rigorous.

Extend Your Practice

The demand for resilience coaching is rising. Extend your market offer.

Join The Community

With vastly different resilience experiences, the community helps one another to learn and grow.

Specialist Supervision

Support yourself and your own practice via Resilience Supervision.

What Participants Say...

I recommend the programme to coaches who wish to support their clients to have a more balanced and productive life.

Rudi Kindts Partner and Certified Integral Coach™

One of the more significant aspects of going through the process was that I became inspired to learn at a deeper level about human potential and what can at times disable the achievement of that. My coaching practice has changed quite significantly as I find myself attending to different factors in myself and my clients whether individuals or groups.

Anne Archer Executive coach, Accredited in 2014

As a career coach I find it invaluable to use with clients and have had some great results when I apply the principles with both clients and with myself. I have personally benefitted greatly and I feel my own resilience has been challenged and has improved dramatically as a result of attending the course. I have learnt a lot about myself which has helped me review and improve my own style of coaching and I feel I have taken my coaching to a deeper more effective level.

Alyson Ainsworth Executive coach



In-depth evaluation of your resilience with a personalised report.


Expert support and development for resilience & wellbeing.


Spark an audience towards enabling both high performance and wellbeing.

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