The Business Case For Resilience

Working through the difference between soldiering on or what you described as breakthrough is very powerful. Just coping is a very passive form of endurance. ‘Breakthrough’ is more skilful, and so requires an initial investment of effort, but is empowering and more sustainable.
– CEO, Resilience Client

The reality of achieving both high performance and wellbeing of staff is difficult for organisations to achieve. Resilience Engine data (1) shows 82% of working people experience the demand for resilience as high; only 10% say it is manageable. 46% of those recently surveyed (2)reported they felt their employer didn’t care about their health as long as they came into work. Many people will experience performance and wellbeing as an ‘either-or’. This difficult landscape can be changed through resilience. Resilience is your ability to adapt, your capacity for change. Resilience delivers both sustainable high performance and wellbeing, both without compromise.

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How Resilience Supports Both High Performance and Wellbeing

Resilience fully incorporates wellbeing; the more well you are, the more adaptable you will be. Within this, resilience acts as a buffer to stress.
Resilience brings about a shift from the reactive to proactive. In that process, performance is enhanced in several dimensions: there is increased clarity and focus, and increase of capacity and perspective which are the bedrock for the creation of options, and where there is a significant surplus of energy, creativity is released.

Resilient people are more likely to speak their mind. They are more likely to take principled decisions and are better at tolerating change and pressure… If you want to improve human performance, the key is the person, so how do you give them the tools, techniques and policies to help them deal with a fast-changing world?” – Alistair Fraser, VP Global Health, Shell. Speaking at Good Day At Work Conference, London 2013

Benefits of Resilience


Wellbeing AND High Performance.

You get both.

Successful Change

This is what resilience is. Support an increase in the capacity for change.

Organisational confidence

Confidence is an outcome of resilience. (Not the other way around.)

Golden thread

Resilience provides a systemic framework for integrating everything else going on.

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