Media Round Up – September 2017

By Jenny Campbell|October 2, 2017|Media Round Up|

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Very few of us have the time to hunt around for the best, most engaging and thought-provoking content on resilience, leadership and employee well-being on a regular basis. Well, now you don’t have to.

Each month, we’ll share a round-up of our most engaging content, curated from hundreds of credible sources across the globe that our followers across social media networks have liked, retweeted and shared the most.

Health & Wellbeing

Study Probes Impact of Poor Sleep on Memory and Overall Wellbeing by Rick Nauert PhD

Exercise and Its Benefits for Sleep by @thesleepdoctor

Research: 49% believe their employer makes provision for their health and wellbeing


The best leaders are the best learners by @Jim_Kouzes

Emotional Intelligence Job Skills Everyone Will Need in the Next Few Years by @LollyDaskal

The Case for Investing More in People by Eric Garton


Great Storytelling Connects Employees to Their Work by @josephgrenny

Changing perspective: from Employee Engagement to employee experience by Jason Clark

The Employee Experience Should Come Before Everything by @_janabarrett

Resilience & Emotions

The Better You Know Yourself, the More Resilient You’ll Be

How to Start Loving Yourself by @MargaritaWrites

How to spot executive derailment and get them back on track by Erika Lucas


The Unexamined Mind Doesn’t Think Well: Why Self-Awareness Is A Fundamental Leadership Capacity by @pgourguechon

How you can take control and lead in the workplace by @BlankAvery

Energy management, not time management, is key for leaders by @PSolbergtapper

Becoming A Magnetic Leader: How To Draw The Potential From Your People by @jenn_lofgren


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