Media Round Up – May 2018

By Jenny Campbell|June 1, 2018|Media Round Up|

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Here’s our roundup of the most popular curated content from our social media feeds during May. Hope you enjoy reading the articles.


New research shows the importance of sleep on our mental health [Read the Article]

Presenteeism – Findings of a nationally representative survey of 2,496 UK employees on their attitudes and behaviours around work presenteeism and illness in the workplace. [Read the Article]

Why mindful breathing keeps your brain healthy and young [Read the Article]

Address Stress: Three ways to promote positive mental wellbeing in your organisation [Read the Article]


This Study Reveals Why Leaders Derail by Jeff Boss [Read the Article]

How Great Leaders Model, Enable And Encourage Emotional Agility by Beth Kuhel [Read the Article]

Behaviours of Leaders Who Embrace Change by Edith Onderick-Harvey [Read the Article]

Why Change Is Important for Strengthening Resilience by Michael Kay [Read the Article]


The Upside of Self-Doubt by Barb Markway, PhD [Read the Article]

Five principles of high-performing teams [Read the Article]

Simple Strategies To Inspire And Excite Your Worn-Out Team by Forbes Coaches Council [Read the Article]

Why finding purpose will make you a better leader by Jeff Pundyk [Read the Article]


Adopting Video-Based Learning Strategies To Boost Employee Engagement And Workforce Development [Read the Article]

Self-awareness is Essential in Business Leadership by David Kiger [Read the Article]

What Exactly is Self-Esteem? by David Rosen [Read the Article]

How To Build A Resilient Career In A World Of Relentless Change by Gerry Valentine [Read the Article]


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