Media Round Up – June 2018

By Jenny Campbell|July 2, 2018|Media Round Up|

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Here’s our roundup of the most popular curated content from our social media feeds during June. Hope you enjoy reading the articles!

Wellbeing at university: why support is a priority [Read the Article]

Health And Well-Being In The Workplace by Hande Genc [Read the Article]

13% of HR managers believe their organisation has an effective wellbeing strategy [Read the Article]

Mental health and wellbeing in further education – strengthening links between education and health [Read the Article]


This is What Good Leaders Do When Change Needs to Happen by Dr. Nicole Lipkin [Read the Article]

Simple Ways You Can Bounce Back in Life After Failure by Ananya Pani [Read the Article]

How The Most Determined People Deal With Setbacks [Read the Article]

Your happiness at work is not just down to your employer by Cary Cooper and Ivan Robertson [Read the Article]


How Are You Protecting Your High Performers from Burnout? by Matt Plummer [Read the Article]

According to a study by a team of economists at the University of Warwick, happiness created a 12% increase in productivity, while being unhappy actually makes us 10% less productive than the norm. [Read the Article]

What do HR professionals think is the biggest threat to productivity? [Read the Article]

How to Become More Productive by Managing Your Energy, Not Your Time by Marios Kokolakis [Read the Article]


To Overcome Your Insecurity, Recognise Where It Really Comes From by Gianpiero Petriglieri and Svenja Weber [Read the Article]

Emotional intelligence: navigating today’s #leadership challenges by Jo Maddocks [Read the Article]

Can Leaders Increase Their Speed Without Burning Out? New Study Reveals How by Joseph Folkman [Read the Article]

Become a More Productive Learner by Matt Plummer [Read the Article]


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