Media Round Up – July 2018

By Jenny Campbell|August 1, 2018|Media Round Up|

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Here’s our roundup of the most popular curated content from our social media feeds during July. Hope you enjoy reading the articles!

The Simplest Way To Reduce Stress, Sleep Better And Improve Health [Read the Article]

Employee Well-being: do you foster a culture of self-care in the workplace? by Karen Liebenguth [Read the Article]

BSI, the business standards company, has launched a new workplace mental health code of practice for organisations to help Britain’s workforce [Read the Article]

Your Employee Engagement Strategy Needs More Wellness [Read the Article]


Burnout Or Balance. What Will You Choose? by BalanceLAP [Read the Article]

Employee Engagement: sometimes it is the small things that make a difference by Hilary Scarlett [Read the Article]

In today’s ever-changing business environment, there isn’t one management style or technique that works all the time; what’s required is a responsive approach to stay ahead by Erik Korsvik Østergaard [Read the Article]

You’re Never Going to Be ‘Caught Up’ at Work. Stop Feeling Guilty About It by Art Markman [Read the Article]


How to Focus on What’s Important, Not Just What’s Urgent by Dr Alice Boyes [Read the Article]

An 8 Year Study Reveals The Key To A High-Performing Culture — And 8 Ways To Build It by Mike Schneider [Read the Article]

People with depression are more productive at work if they can talk to their bosses by Ellen C Scott [Read the Article]

Great Leaders Are Confident, Connected, Committed, and Courageous by Peter Bregman [Read the Article]


How To Unleash The Leaders Around You by Steffan Surdek [Read the Article]

Mindfulness The Missing Link Between Capability and Effectiveness by Devapriya Khanna [Read the Article]

What Not to Do When You’re Trying to Motivate Your Team by Ron Carucci [Read the Article]

Inner Space: Self-explorations into the real you – by Shoba Sreenivasan, Ph.D., and Linda E. Weinberger, Ph.D. [Read the Article]


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