Media Round Up – August 2018

By Jenny Campbell|September 2, 2018|Media Round Up|

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Here’s our roundup of the most popular curated content from our social media feeds during August. It may have been holiday season, but there’s been some great content published. Hope you enjoy reading the articles!


The University of Cumbria is to expand the well-being support it offers students in Ambleside, Lancaster and Carlisle. [Read the Article]

How to stay calm during organisational change by Hilary Scarlett [Read the Article]

Four Ways To Re-Energise A Stressed-Out, Burnt-Out Team  [Read the Article]

What A Week Without Stress Could Do For Our Bodies  [Read the Article]

10 Top tips for managing health and wellbeing at university by Alistair Murray [Read the Article]



What Is Your Stress Response Style? by Paula Davis-Laack [Read the Article]

It’s okay when you’re not okay: A re-evaluation of resilience in adults: Revised resilience research shows most people struggle and then recover after adversity [Read the Article]

Why are some people more resilient when facing change? by Hilary Scarlett [Read the Article]

Three Ways To Better Navigate Turbulence via Joseph Lalonde [Read the Article]



What Makes A Great Manager? New Survey Offers Insights by Victor Lipman [Read the Article]

Four Keys To Unlock The Value Of Employee Feedback [Read the Article]

What are the reasons we procrastinate? How can we overcome the habit? writes Savvy Psychologist [Read the Article]

Employee Performance: The 6 Influence Areas by hr bartender [Read the Article]



Five Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Is Essential In Effective #Leadership by Rosemary Bryant-Smith [Read the Article]

Learner engagement: how to ensure your learning and development programmes are not a gamble writes Dr Alison Maitland [Read the Article]

Futurist Keynote by Gerd Leonhard BeyondHR 2018: the end of ‘HR as usual’ – the next 5 years [Read the Article]

Leadership and development: how to challenge preconceptions about yourself using the Johari Window technique by Talent Innovations [Read the Article]


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