Media Round Up – December 2017

By Jenny Campbell|December 16, 2017|Media Round Up|

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A very Happy New Year from the Resilience Engine team! Some great articles that we’ve curated throughout December. Feel free to share!


What are UK universities’ mental health services like? Are they doing enough? by Izzy Bilton [Read the article]

Opinion by Mike Blake: Why your wellbeing initiatives might be in need of a revamp [Read the article]

Are we burning ourselves out in the pursuit of happiness? by Tom Calvard [Read the article]

Where Employee Surveys on Burnout and Employee Engagement Go Wrong by Jennifer Cullen [Read the article]


McKinsey: How to identify the right “spans of control” for your organisation [Read the article]

How to Deal With Procrastination by Dennis Relojo [Read the article]

Employee behaviour: the real secret behind engagement by Rupert Poulson [Read the article]

Why Employee Disengagement Correlates with Poor Customer Experience [Read the article]


Don’t Just Survive – Thrive: Impact Of Stress On The Brain by Marina Wildt and Dr Tara Swart [Read the article]

Team Engagement Brings Competitive Advantage by Julia Felton [Read the article]

Higher resilience means having all the key components that lead to high performance [Read the article]

Key takeaways from the 2017 Leadership Institute survey by London Business School [Read the article]


Why Personal Development Is A Must For Today’s CEO by George W. Watts and Jamie Millar [Read the article]

Why Growth is the Key to Employee Engagement by Dr Rick Goodman, CSP [Read the article]

101 – The Essentials of Coaching and Mentoring by Milosz_Krasinski [Read the article]

Can You Switch Off? An interview with Amy Blankson by Michelle McQuaid [Read the article]


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