Is resilience on the side?

By Jenny Campbell|March 28, 2019|Being Resilient|

In the Resilience Engine’s experience, our clients and colleagues want to have both wellbeing and performance. Both, without compromising one or the other.

What their experience is however, in pretty much every domain in their life, especially in work, is that you get wellbeing versus performance. One is countering the other. There’s a tension, even a fight going between the two.

It’s so normal our clients don’t notice it. So they don’t expect anything else. Much of the evidence of their life illustrates this tension, and they just are trying to navigate the lines in between, as best as they can.

Is this you? Your team? Your organisation?

Like the national financial services organisation which requires a year of long, long hours to prove you are worthy of a senior management position. Or the millennials whose expectation is not to work the long hours leaving the organisation dismayed at their lack of drive. Or the parent juggling between career and family, who puts aside their own fitness and hobbies because there’s no time for either.

You may indeed be creating the conditions for this tension, this either – or you may be operating from a confirmation bias that this tension, this fight, is the only way. So you neither negate it, nor set up the conditions for you to live differently.

What evidence would you need to change? For change you can. For yourself, your team, your organisation. You can learn resilience.

Resilience brings about both wellbeing and high performance, without compromise. You can have both. Resilience is your ability to adapt, and to learn it means embracing beliefs, skills, attitudes and a day to day practice. This integrates your ability to be present, your energy, your learning capability and the meaning in life that you draw on for your motivation. Resilience needs other things too but these are the biggies.

Getting to that integration isn’t complicated. It just takes giving it a go- and keeping it up. The Resilience Engine witnesses how complicated it is on one side of a resilience ‘gateway’ and how simple it is once you pass through. You can feel at ease and perform exceptionally on the other side.

But it won’t happen if you park resilience on the sidelines.

You need to bring resilience centre stage.

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Author: Jenny Campbell, CEO of The Resilience Engine

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