Inspiration in three steps

By Jenny Campbell|September 10, 2018|Resilience Coaching|

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inspiration in three steps

Ever find with your clients that their inspiration has dissipated somehow? Hidden because of the busyness of their world?

What about your own inspiration? Can you get hold of it quickly whenever you need that extra oomph in your day?

The power of inspiration is phenomenal.  And being able to get hold of it – whenever,wherever – is also phenomenal, and part of a personal resilience toolkit. People often seek inspiration from outside themselves as a primary method – people they admire; places that are lovely; books that lift the spirit. Or via social – stories that inspire; funny videos.

And yet there’s another way available to you, to your client. Right here, right now. Inside.

You have, at some point in your life, inspired yourself or someone else. You will have been operating near your best at that moment.  And to connect with that can re-inspire you.  That doesn’t mean rolling about it self-congratulation, but instead, accepting that for at least one moment in your life, you inspired!

Try it!

Make sure you give yourself a few minutes without interruption as you follow these simple steps:

  1. Recall one such moment when you inspired someone else, or indeed yourself.
    Maybe it was with one of your kids.  Or one of your team.Or with a friend.Or maybe it’s something you managed to do, to pull off.
  2. Bring it strongly into your mind.
    Who were you with? What were you doing?
    Just remember fully. The feelings, the thoughts, the pictures you may have of what was going on around you.
    Who were you in this moment?
    Remain in the memory a little while.
  3. Notice how you feel.
    You are likely to feel more energised. And if you have done this truthfully, a lot more energised! Your memories of when you inspire are a resource available to you, sitting inside. It’s just a matter of getting hold of them.Go help you and your client get inspired.

Author: Jenny Campbell, CEO of The Resilience Engine

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