How To Support The Resilience and Wellbeing of Your Workforce

During such unprecedented times for our world, we know the insights and practical tools from The Resilience Engine are really helping. We have made some of our key materials available for free, such as the Resilience River© and The Resilience Dynamic® book (0.99 for kindle version in any currency). We have also repackaged our online resilience & wellbeing content so that you can use it by yourselves. Either load up our content from our Resilience Bundle for your whole organisation, or offer our step-by-step self-coaching guide Being Resilient.

Recommended for: those responsible for setting their own boundaries eg home workers, part-time workers, returners to work, self-employed, contractors. Click on the image to see the demo and the fact sheet.

The self-coaching guide to resilience & wellbeing. With tailored recommendations and step-by-step pathways, all interactive, this is a complete guide to boost resilience. 2-3 hours in total with bite sized chunks.

Recommended for: any organisation looking to create/extend a quality resilience & wellbeing hub for all their employees. Click on the image to see the demo and the fact sheet.

The Resilience Bundle allows you to deploy the Resilience Engine content in your organisation, on your own website. All the fundamentals of resilience and wellbeing are included, with both fast track and in-depth options. Our simplest whole-organisation support.


The Resilience Engine is delighted to offer you this free Resilience Check-in tool for your own personal use. A simpler version that the full Resilience Evaluation, it still offers great insight and tips for how to boost your resilience & wellbeing.


The Resilience Evaluation, typically used by leaders and managers, offers an indepth self-evaluation and debrief from one of the Resilience Engine’s accredited practitioners. Participants get to know their strengths, neutral and watch areas, and can start to make effective changes immediately.

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