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What is the Community of Practice?

At the Resilience Engine, we don’t hold onto our research just for our clients; we deliberately place it into the safe hands of others who can support and help extend the resilience of others. That means both external coaches, and internal coaches & Organisational Development practitioners. Together we formed the Resilience Engine Community of Practice.

For our clients, our growing delivery capability ensures a specialist, high quality, and consistent service. Whether for coaching or masterclasses and workshops, whatever size the job, we can help.

Company Benefits


We not only understand but can apply the research within our practice.

Right Fit

We know what works for different levels of resilience. No one-size-fits-all here!


We deliver via a common framework of the Resilience Engine research models.


With 40+ coaches, we can support any size of organisation.

Coach Benefits

Hone Your Practice

Resilience is systemic and complete. Experienced coaches find it makes them more rigorous.

Extend Your Practice

The demand for resilience coaching is rising. Extend your market offer.

Join The Community

With vastly different resilience experiences, the community helps one another to learn and grow.

Specialist Supervision

Support yourself and your own practice via Resilience Supervision.

See the pictures taken from our previous annual events, The Community of Practice Conferences.

Thinking Of Joining But Want To Know More?

To join the Resilience Engine Community of Practice, you must successfully complete our Resilience Accreditation Programme.

For individuals and small groups, consider the open programme through the AOEC’s and Resilience Engine’s joint Resilience Accreditation Programme.

If you want an internal coach bank to become accredited, we offer internal programmes. Please contact us directly.

What Participants Say...

In the age of overload, the need to build greater resilience and wellbeing is essential for leadership performance and at the forefront of organisation’s development needs.  The tools and techniques were immediately transferrable and made for powerful life-changing conversations with my clients. In all of the training I’ve attended as an executive coach and speaker, I count the Resilience Engine Accreditation Programme among my top 10 programmes for professionals like us.

Leigh Bowman-Perks Executive Coach, Facilitator and Speaker

As a career coach I find it invaluable to use with clients and have had some great results when I apply the principles with both clients and with myself. I have personally benefitted greatly and I feel my own resilience has been challenged and has improved dramatically as a result of attending the course. I have learnt a lot about myself which has helped me review and improve my own style of coaching and I feel I have taken my coaching to a deeper more effective level.

Alyson Ainsworth Executive coach

One of the more significant aspects of going through the process was that I became inspired to learn at a deeper level about human potential and what can at times disable the achievement of that. My coaching practice has changed quite significantly as I find myself attending to different factors in myself and my clients whether individuals or groups.

Anne Archer Accredited in 2014

I recommend the programme to coaches who wish to support their clients to have a more balanced and productive life.

Rudi Kindts Partner and Certified Integral Coach™



Expert support and development
for resilience & wellbeing.


An easy and fast resilience
booster for all employees.


Understand and apply the Resilience
Engine theories to your organisation.


Spark an audience towards enabling
both high performance and wellbeing.