Covid19 Announcement

During such unprecedented times for our world, we know the insights and practical tools from The Resilience Engine are really helping. We have made some of our resilience and wellbeing materials available for free, and we have repackaged our best content to be available as stand-alone so you can use it by yourselves. If you want to support the resilience and wellbeing of your staff and want to know more, contact us today.

The Resilience Engine believes that everyone deserves to perform well without compromising their wellbeing. This is what resilience delivers. Resilience is the capacity for change. Building resilience means honing the skills of adapting which rely on a healthy mind and body.

We help organisations embed resilience skills in a straightforward and suitable way. Our approach is built on over ten years of research and experience in the field.


The Business Case for Resilience

The reality of achieving both high performance and wellbeing is difficult for organisations to achieve. Resilience Engine data shows 82% of working people experience the demand for resilience as high but only 10% say it is manageable. 46% of those recently surveyed reported they felt their employer didn’t care about their health as long as they came into work. Many people will experience performance and wellbeing as an ‘either-or’.

This difficult landscape can be changed through resilience. Investing in resilience skills such as setting boundaries, getting perspective, creating breaks to allow space and time to recover and indeed to free-wheel, maximising energy including connecting to the meaning of work, and aligning the day according to that meaning, all bring wellbeing and higher performance, both without compromise.

The Resilience Engine is a leader in human resilience.

The Resilience Engine services support organisations to support their entire workforce, from leaders through to frontline staff. We offer face to face and blended services so that scaled implementations are cost-effective. And we help organisations build their own internal resilience capability.

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