Our toolkits and step by step guides, crafted through our work with thousands of people and with our partners, help individuals, teams and organisations extend resilience to achieve reduced stress, increased wellbeing and sustained performance.

Don’t take our word for it. Test drive our Being Resilient Guide and Resilient Manager Toolkits for FREE today.

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Being Resilient Guide, Resilience, Resilience Engine
Being Resilient Guide
Resilience Engine, Resilient Manager Toolkit
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Here are some insights to notice whilst you are trying out our demo’s:

  • Being Resilient offers bite sized packs totalling 2-3 hours
  • The Management Toolkits help busy managers and their teams. A manager might spend between 5 to 30 minutes across any week depending on their interest; each guide in the toolkit is spread across 5 months
  • The Resilience Engine offers self-evaluations and check-ins, so that you can get hold of exactly what is most pertinent to you
  • The guides and toolkits form part of the overall approach to build organisational resilience capability