We are delighted to launch the Resilience Sponsorship Programme which will enable you, as an internal sponsor of resilience, to understand and apply the Resilience Engine resilience research to your own organisation.

Come into this short webinar to find out how the Resilience Sponsorship Programme works and how it can help your organisation to gain the outcomes of resilience: increased adaptability, wellbeing and performance.


Why Use the Resilience Sponsorship Programme?

The Resilience Engine is a leader in human resilience, your capacity for change. Founded on ten years of research, The Resilience Engine team believe in making the benefits of resilience accessible to everyone.

Resilience Engine, Resilience Engine Cultural Views of Resilience

As a leader in HR, Organisational Development or directly within the business, you will need to enable change in your people. But knowing what your people needs is a tricky business.

You might be really stuck in how to make change happen. If your people are just about managing to cope – or indeed not coping – then overwhelm may have overtaken performance as the dominating force in the organisation. Resilience means learning to cope first, then extend to higher levels of performance.

You might have a real mix of performance in your workforce. You will need to consider different solutions for different performance levels.

You may have different contexts within which your teams have to operate. Contexts can dictate not just the pressure faced by people, but whether teams are reactive or proactive, operational or strategic, client facing or back end. All of this will affect the right solution for supporting the team’s resilience.

The Resilience Sponsorship Programme will help you get clarity over how to enable high performance and wellbeing through resilience. The programme is set out to equip internal sponsors with the right knowledge, and right experience, so that the solutions you choose will work.



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