Resilience Check-in

By Resilience Engine|July 22, 2020||

Welcome to the Resilience Check-in

The Resilience Engine is delighted to offer you this Resilience Check-in tool for your own personal use. Please note that this tool will offer you an approximate result only; it is a simplified version of the Resilience Evaluation service which supports in-depth analysis of your resilience level including any variance. The Resilience Check-in results have been found to match closely the Resilience Evaluation results in most cases, so it's a great place to start. We hope you enjoy the tool!


Once completed, you will be able to download or print your report. Results are NOT stored anywhere, once the page is closed, results are gone.


Please enter one option for each question and click the 'Submit' button when you are finished.

1. I feel stressed
2. I am tired
3. I have good health
4. I am able to embrace change
5. I have or can create extra capacity to do everything I need and want to
6. I have a good balance in life
7. I feel content
8. Life is stable
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