Our extensive resilience research shows consistently that resilience is the capacity for change.

Why? Because there are three main outcomes of resilience:

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The three main outcomes of resilience are:

Our toolkits, step by step guides, accredited programmes and masterclasses, crafted through our work with thousands of people and our partners, help organisations extend resilience through their individuals and teams to achieve increased wellbeing, sustainable performance, and adaptability.

Our ongoing research into collective resilience – teams and organisations, demonstrates that organisational resilience relies on the interconnectedness between what we are terming ‘resilience assets’. These include People, Teams, Processes, Purpose, and Values, all wrapped up with the need for a resilience culture through being aligned and consistent.



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The outcomes of resilience development for any individual, team or organisation will depend on the start point; resilience is a practice, and develops and extends step by step. The Resilience Engine accounts for this start point explicitly in all our services through self-evaluations and check-ins.