If you are wishing to invest in the resilience of your students or graduates, you will want to help them navigate towards both success and wellbeing, whilst handling the pressure.

As a student, it’s about getting through the workload, doing well in exams, but also fitting in and making sure you have some kind of life. For graduates, it’s about being able to fit in immediately, understand what is expected and deliver, without destroying your well-earned desire for work-life balance.

Organisationally, it’s about ensuring you are competitive in attracting and retaining key talent. The Resilience Engine helps students and graduates via our Resilience Made Simple service, or inhouse deployment of our online Being Resilient guide. We partner with you to ensure that year on year, your students or graduates are appropriately supported in the simplest, most scalable way possible.

Discover Lucy’s story, a student who used the Resilience Engine online guide to improve her well-being at uni!


Reduce negative stress

Feel calmer, resilience is a buffer to stress.

Increase your energy

Resilience and energy are directly linked.


You will be able to see the wood from the trees. Relief!

Feel more successful

Resilience increases your capacity and ability to focus.

Why Choose The Resilience Engine


Ten years of research you can count on.

No bla bla

Real truths from the research.

Your own recommendations

Get a personalised service based on your views of yourself and your resilience.


Useful stuff in 15-minute chunks, then let sink in and give it a go whenever.

How Does It Work?

What Participants Say...

Very well-presented, lovely mixture of humour and theoretical rigour.

Participant PLC

I found the resilience diagram especially useful to think through the dynamics of how we deal with change/events we may find difficult, whether specific events or longer-term situations/processes (e.g. PhD)

Participant PLC

As a student of coaching & mentoring I have felt very distant from many of the experts I have listened to. You are clearly an expert. Yet you allow other possibilities to exist and you are humble. Listening to you has been a wonderful experience because the subject is so engaging but mainly because of your realness.

Participant PLC

Lots of interesting ideas and good format.

Participant PLC

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