It’s your job to figure out who needs what, what is out there, how any supplier solutions actually might work in practice, and put the case together to get it through.

Where do you start? There is so much out there on stress, wellbeing and resilience. Little seems joined up, and lots of it is overly academic and therefore not practical.

You need to be able to trust whoever you are working with not to foist a one-solution-fits-all approach.  That’s where the Resilience Engine excels.


Wellbeing AND Performance.

You get both.

Successful Change

This is what resilience is. Support an increase in the capacity for change.

Organisational confidence

Confidence is an outcome of resilience. (Not the other way around.)

Golden thread

Resilience provides a systemic framework for integrating everything else going on.

Why Choose The Resilience Engine?


Ten years of research put into your hands.


We know what works (and what doesn’t).

Quality and consistency

Our Community of Practice coaches have all come through a rigorous accreditation programme.


Our scaleable online services means you can reach everyone, and we help you build face to face capability in house so it’s sustainable.

How Does It Work?

What Participants Say...

The theory and evidence provided in the programme coupled with experiential learning and coaching enabled me to understand where and why my own leadership could be both enhanced and sustained and also allowed me to understand the reasons, barriers and strategies that could assist in developing resilience and leadership of others.

Participant NHS

Having a structure, language and way of managing my own resilience has been a tremendous step forward for me. In turn this adds to my ways of viewing or considering where others may be at with their own resilience.

Participant NHS - NES

Services Tailored For Your Needs


Expert support and development
for resilience & wellbeing.


An easy and fast resilience
booster for all employees


Build resilience habits
for your managers.


Spark an audience into taking
ownership of their resilience.