You are a manager and you have your own resilience demands. Maybe your team is expected to deliver too much, you try to delegate but it doesn’t always work. Resilience needed!

Or you can’t get to grips with how to prioritise, life keeps changing. You are losing perspective, and your team is beginning to lose confidence in you. What should you do? Resilience needed!

Or you love your work and it’s important for you to achieve. You are a high flyer, but the demands are beginning to make you feel unhealthy? Resilience needed!


Increase your wellbeing
Sleep better, breathe better. Eat better. Be better. Wellbeing and resilience are synonymous.

One of the key features of investing in resilience is being able to see the wood from the trees. Phew.

Spot who needs what
You get a better sense of your team’s capacity, and will act on that – aligning expectations versus actual capacity is much easier.

Increase your performance
Resilience underpins sustainable performance. Higher capacity, clearer goals, better alignment, less highs and lows.

Why Choose the Resilience Engine

No bla bla

Real truths from the research.

Your own recommendations

Get a personalised service based on your views of yourself and your resilience.


Useful stuff in 15-minute chunks, then let sink in and give it a go whenever.

Available online for 1 year

Dip in and out after any programme, it’s still available.

How Does It Work?

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What Participants Say...

I think I have a much better work/life balance. I devote more time to self care and recognise it’s important to my wellbeing and ability to do my job well.

Participant PLC

We need to be able to support others and respond to needs, often in very pressured situations. Our own personal resilience and that of the team as a whole allow us to do this much more effectively.

Participant Public sector organisation

I enjoyed the materials and thought they were well presented.

Participant PLC

The resilience models gave me a new way to review things, and a fresh perspective. They highlighted areas of development for me individually and for the team.

Participant PLC

Services Tailored For Your Needs


An easy and fast resilience
booster for all employees.


Help busy managers build and
extend resilience across time.


Understand and apply the Resilience
Engine theories to your organisation.


Spark an audience into taking
ownership of their resilience.

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