You are a leader, and everyone expects you to perform, no matter what is going on.

That means being efficient and creative. It means leading yourself at all times. It means switching styles depending on the demand. It means handling pressure. It means not cracking up, but instead motivating others. It means getting time to think. It means supporting your people’s wellbeing. And somewhere in the middle, taking care of yourself. Leadership is demanding. Resilience is definitely needed!


Be confident

Confidence is an outcome of resilience. (Not the other way around.)

Shift to being proactive

See things coming down the line and act before they become unwieldy.


Feel better. Investment in resilience means investment in the whole of you.


Fed up with dancing around? Resilience gets to the nub of the matter quickly.

Why Choose The Resilience Engine

No bla bla

Real truths from the research.


Our Community of Practice coaches have all come through a rigorous accreditation programme.


Get underneath resilience and it will serve you for life. All of your life.


This stuff can be made to feel tricky. Scrub that, we make it straightforward.

How Does It Work?

What Participants Say...

Alison [Kane] has helped me understand my strengths and the areas I need to develop as a leader and as a person. Her successful integration of theory into practice has empowered me and enabled me to tackle challenging situations I would have otherwise shied away from.  She has increased my self-belief and encouraged me to find my own ‘answers’.

Participant Headteacher - Junior School

For me, it was a crystallization of lots of things that have been shifting around the past few years, so it was more of a moment of recognition of how the journey looks for me.  The impact has been to make me think more actively about my resilience and that of those around me.

Participant PLC

Services Tailored For Your Needs


Expert support and development
for resilience & wellbeing.


Spark an audience into taking
ownership of their resilience.


In-depth evaluation of your
resilience with a personalised report.


Understand and apply the Resilience
Engine theories to your organisation.

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