Our research and insight have led us to develop a scaled offering that suits the needs of employees, people managers and leadership teams.


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We help all individuals, teams and organisations answer the question “How can we support and extend Resilience”?

Our toolkits, step by step guides and masterclasses, crafted through our work with thousands of people and with our partners, help individuals and teams extend resilience to achieve sustainable performance and engagement, reduce stress and increase wellbeing.

The outcomes of resilience development for any individual, team or organisation will depend on the start point; resilience is a practice, and develops and extends step by step. The Resilience Engine accounts for this start point explicitly in all our services through self-evaluations and check-ins.

With our range of services, we offer accessibility and scalability for all organisations. Our Accreditation programme enables you to develop your own internal resilience champions to support in delivering and really engaging in building resilience across your organisation.