The Resilience Engine provides you with the research theory and tools on resilience. And from our ten years of working in the field, we understand how to ensure you get real impact:

  1. We offer a scaled service to match your needs at different levels of your organisation.
    Check out our online guide, Being Resilient, suitable for all staff;
    See our blended learning Resilient Manager Toolkits, for busy managers;
    Or consider mixing online and face-to-face Masterclasses, and one-to-one coaching for leaders and leadership teams.:Resilience Engine, Resilience Engine Services

2. We help you create your own internal resilience capability for support via our Accredited Resilience Practitioner programme. That means internal resilience champions can act with authority and confidence, supporting deployment and getting underneath the real issues of the organisation.

3. The Resilience Engine has the capability to support delivery with our own team and our network of Accredited Practitioners.

4. The Resilience Engine ensures you have the real impact across your organisation that you are looking for:

  • We help you diagnose your resilience starting point and implications
  • We help you decide the right resilience development mix
  • We help you build the business case
  • We help you engage