Resilience Engine, Resilience Pillars

Our work is based on a real-world understanding of how resilience underpins sustainable success in all walks of life, and in particular within organisations, how to lead for performance. We emphasise that resilience is the buffer to stress, and as such stress is diminished and indeed eliminated by developing resilience. This distinguishes us in the marketplace today.

We believe the pillars of our business underpin all of this. We’re about what we say on the tin:

  • We want our research to be thorough, real and tangible.
  • We want to make our research findings accessible to all.
  • We aim to debunk myths about resilience.
  • We want to honour the resilience that already exists in our clients; we will not patronise them.
  • We believe that learning has to be owned by the client. This is about pacing what and how you learn, according to both your needs and your learning capacity.
  • We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Laughter, even in the tough times, is a brilliant resilience asset. We aim to laugh a lot!