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Resilience and Wellbeing are an incredible immunity-to-stress combo.

Those who have invested in reaching the highest levels of resiliency have eliminated many of the sources of stress in their lives. For the remaining stressors that must be dealt with, high resiliency people absorb the stress successfully, without any detrimental impact. Any less important stressors bounce off them like rain from an umbrella! Lower Resilience will mean you will feel stress more. Higher resilience means you have an immunity to stress. And that means there is capacity for adaptability and innovation.

How do you help enable resiliency as a stress buffer to your organisation?

Our range of resilience services are designed for delivery across the whole organisation: you can reach all staff/students with our Being Resilient online guide, give more in-depth support to busy managers and their teams with our Management Toolkits, or create a blend of face to face and online using our masterclasses and one to one coaching. We have a growing network of accredited practitioners who can support you as needed.

Explore more about how resilience reduces stress and enhances wellbeing here.

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Looking after our wellbeing is a key part of resilience. Wellbeing releases dopamine which makes us feel good; serotonin is released which calms heightened emotions. Overall our attentiveness goes up. Wellbeing feeds our resilience and resilience feeds our wellbeing! As stress is reduced, wellbeing is increased, our brains can work properly, we are more focused and engaged so performance improves.

You can eliminate the stress in your organisation. Look at what the impact of this investment may prevent:

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Living Proof LogoLiving Proof - Think Eat Move - Think-Eat-MoveIn all our resilience services we are proud to partner with Living Proof who look at Wellbeing through a synergy of mindset, nutrition and exercise. This is their Think-Eat-Move philosophy which is inextricably linked with Sleep. Good quality sleep regenerates and allows better thinking, eating and moving which in turn all contribute to better sleep.