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Where does Resilience fit into your strategy?

Resilience is the capacity for change.

The Resilience Engine definition of resilience may seem unusual since most of what is talked about in resilience is coping or bouncing back from a challenge. The research defines resilience so clearly as the ability to adapt to change. The Resilience Dynamic® model demonstrates a contiguous line –  from no capacity for change, through to full adaptability.

You as an organisation need to understand where your staff, management and leadership populations sit on this line. That diagnostic will enable you to match your strategic focus for resilience, with the right internal population. Whom do you need to invest in, in the short term? All staff, managers, leadership or specific teams? What about your culture? Do you need investment into connecting with your core purpose? Or is it a question of consistency and alignment, two of the necessary conditions for a resilient organisation?

And then taking action? What do you do?

The Resilience Engine services are designed so that your organisation can build a resilience culture. We as resilience specialists can provide you with the resilience theory and tools, and equip you to deploy these yourselves. Our goal is that you can build your own internal resilience capability.

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