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Special 60% reduction

During this period of overwhelm and uncertainty, The Resilience Engine’s expertise can help. We have boiled our ten years of research and experience into a simple online guide to resilience and wellbeing. No need to wade through long lists of standard stuff. This is specifically created and tailored to each person, and is an integrated guide. Already used by many 000’s, we know it works.

Any organisation, of any size, large or small, are welcome to take up the offer for their workforce. We’ll do the rest.

Coronavirus online offer

No patronisation here. Participants knowledge of their own resilience varies a lot. As does their start point. Participants are offered a set of recommendations based on their check-in. Set out in bite sized chunks, the whole thing is 2-3 hours of guidance, active tools and interactive stories on how to boost resilience. Different learning styles are supported through theory, activities and stories.