The Resilience Engine believes that everyone deserves to perform well without compromising their wellbeing. This is what resilience delivers. Resilience is the capacity for change. Building resilience means honing the skills of adapting which rely on a healthy mind and body.

We help organisations embed resilience skills in a straightforward and suitable way. Our approach is built on over ten years of research and experience in the field.

What is Resilience?

Resilience is about remaining resourceful no matter what’s going on. It is synergistic with wellbeing, and over time they become one and the same thing. And it underpins all sustainable performance.

For 41% of the working population who struggle to cope, coping already is a major breakthrough. Going beyond coping is where wellness, change and performance can really happen.

The Resilience Engine will help you and your organisation do just that.

The Resilience Engine is a leader in human resilience.

Founded on over ten years of research, The Resilience Engine team believe in making the benefits of resilience accessible to everyone. We have created services that support organisations to support their entire workforce, from leaders through to frontline staff. We offer face to face and blended services so that scaled implementations are cost effective. And we help organisations build their own internal resilience capability.

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Expert support and development
for resilience & wellbeing.


An easy and fast resilience
booster for all employees.


Become an Accredited
Practitioner of resilience.


Spark an audience towards enabling both high performance and wellbeing.

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